Davey Wilson
Digital designer.

I work in an agile front-end team and love it.

When I’m not designing with code I love cycling (do so responsibly), music (my vinyl will testify) and getting my hands dirty.

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So long Adobe

21st February 2015 Sketch

I have finally said goodbye to fireworks. The most effective & fast way to design websites from rough knockups to fully fledged designs was never going to be easy.

I still cannot believe to this day that Adobe did not have something of equal effectiveness to step into it's place.

I have never found photoshop to be good at web design. Over complicated for fast design creation. Just trying out ideas is cumbersome. Illustrator CC 2014 (catchy) now seems to be adopting a more web centric position but for me adobe has already lost.

But with their loss - it's Sketch 3s gain. Read more.

#Rant: Intrusive marketing

15th February 2015
Marketing annoyances

From an advertisers point of view I would be worried in the view/click statistics being given. Accidental clicks when moving the 'close-x' increases the desire that the product or site should die a horrible death. I don't know how many times I have taken to twitter to complain about marketing techniques - but it's alot. I understand the need to advertise - it pays my wages - but to go out and potentially threaten your entire product by causing anger I just do not get.

Please note:

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You have a watchful eye with Hammer & Anvil.

3rd February 2015Sketch

I like hammer for mac. I have been using for just over 10 months now and what makes it a great ally in front end dev work is that it keeps an eye on everything going on within your project folder. Any changes that you make get polled to the final build folder making your job of coding & design that much faster. Read more.

New year... New design

2nd February 2015

After many iterations and domain names (d-l-w.com, thisisdavey.com, davey.land(?) etc) I have finally settled on dwsign.

You can still get me through daveywilson.co.uk but as domains go - dwsign is the default.

And for prosperity I have archived my previous sites here, here and here.