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Links of friends that support and resources that contribute and inspire work.

Friends links…

Steve Ritter
- Artist & gallery owner

Steve Gibson - Designer

Simon Templeman - Construction

Ross Bailey - EcoEnergies

Matthew Wilkinson
- Singer

Oliver Wilkinson - Music Manager

Electronica Exposed - Music store

The Penguin Conspiracy - Night Music


Resources links


Speckyboy - Design resources magazine

Noupe - Web development

Mootools - Javascripting

Dynamic drive - Javascript code library

Smashing Magazine - Online development magazine

Leigeber - Web development

Wix - Flash web template tool

Mashable - Online magazine

Google Feedburner - Marketing tools

Iconlook - Free web icons

Veryicon - Free web icons

Iconlet - Free web icons

Iconseeker - Free web icons

Icons Search - Free web icons

Iconfinder - Free web icons

SixRevisions - Web development Information

Mockflow - Wireframe site set-ups

Notable - Web design feedback made easy

Campaign monitor - Email marketing software

Proposable - Web-based Sales proposals

Freshbooks - Online Invoicing tools

960GridSystem - Web development for sites

Google Analytics - Analyse your website traffic

Appboy - Mobile Apps outlet

Wapple - Mobile site hosting platform

Add this - All social networks button


- Free Illustration resources

Dafont - Free online fonts database

TypeNow - Free fonts

CoolDev - Web development

Hypergurl - Scriptings

Densowave - QR codes

Shotcodes - QR codes

Digg links - Embed social links

Tweetme - Embed social links

Jquery - coding for sites



Society6 - Artists showcase site

Colourlovers - Colour combination & Inspiration

DeviantArt - Online design assets

Add fuel to the fire - Illustrator/designer

Emptees - T-shirt Designers

Toxel - Product Design

Contemporist - Contemporary design/furniture

ArchiExpo - Furniture design

Inhabitat - Design for a greener future

Digg - Factual and entertaining resource

Chris Cyprus - Artist

Art Rabbit - Gallleries & Exhibitions

AndyBudd - Blog

Textually - Mobile news site